Loan.Gallery is a Web Portal Marketplace specializing in business purpose Real Estate Loans to single-family home builders and developers of rental housing. These loans are sold on the secondary market. Please note, Loan.Gallery is not an investment company nor a residential or commercial mortgage lender.

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What type of Loan Portfolio do we have?

Loan.Gallery’s current Loan Portfolio is comprised of single family homes and multi-unit rental properties located in attractive areas in five Florida markets. Loan.Gallery through its parent company Mainsail Capital seeks to expand to a national scale as growth continues.

Our Loan Portfolio maturities are generally between 9 and 18 months with the exception of multifamily rental properties that can have a maturity of up to 36 months. Loan amounts typically range between $100,000 to $3,000,000 per transaction.

What sets Loan.Gallery apart?

Loan.Gallery’s senior partners possess decades of experience in real estate development and mortgage lending operations, which provides Loan.Gallery with its competitive edge.

Further, Loan.Gallery through its parent company Mainsail Capital, and sister company Snap.Build®, understands the construction lending process by controlling and monitoring the construction payments from permit to sale. By paying all subcontractor bills directly and obtaining lien releases from each subcontractor this end-to-end process allows payment to borrower’s vendors several times per month. This process, in turn, benefits the builders with better subcontractor service and pricing.

With this unique business model, underwriting guidelines and structure, purchasers face limited risk from Asset Quality, Economic Cycles, and Duration. To further manage risk, in addition to completing an industry standard appraisal and borrower credit review, additional comparative sales analysis is obtained. This extra step and analysis ensure that the real value of the properties is considered for the loan portfolio.