Our Web Portal Marketplace offers Whole Note Loans to Accredited Investors and Account Holders of a Qualified Self-Directed IRA Custodian.


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Attractive Returns

Direct Lending
Through Parent Company

1st Lien Recorded Positions

Conservative LTVs at 75% or Less

Short Terms
6 - 18 Months

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About Us

Loan.Gallery senior partners possess decades of experience in real estate development and mortgage lending operations: real estate loans, private mortgage investors, real estate notes, mortgage notes, self-directed IRA real estate, which provides Loan.Gallery with its competitive edge.

Further, Loan.Gallery through its parent company Mainsail Capital, and sister company Snap.Build, understands the construction lending process by controlling and monitoring the construction payments from permit to sale. By paying all subcontractor bills directly and obtaining lien releases from each subcontractor this end-to-end process allows payment to borrower’s vendors several times per month. This in turn benefits the builders with better subcontractor service and pricing.

Unique capabilities during the construction process:

  • Pay the borrowers' vendors directly with Direct Pay
  • 24/7 visibility on the construction process through Snap.Build

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